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Freezer App is used to Stream & Download Music from Deezer service in High-Quality (FLAC) and is available for popular platforms such as Android, Windows, Mac & Linux. Download Freezer Apk is the #1 Trending Music Streaming App for Android.

Version: v0.6.15  Size: 15MB

Freezer Apk 2023:- Freezer Music Downloader for Android is free software that you can use to download and stream HQ music from Deezer & Spotify We are all familiar with some of the major veteran companies that provide online streaming music, such as Deezer and Spotify. As the most popular on-demand music streaming services, these networks offer diverse user experiences and a huge catalog of music from across the globe.

While the free versions of Deezer are usable, their highest-quality features cannot be accessed without premium accounts. This is why developers come up with look-alike versions of these apps to provide users with the full experience, and the Freezer Apk is one great example of one of these versions. 😉

Deezer is a music streaming service that has over 40 million songs to choose from. If you love your music, Deezer should be your number one choice. However, the problem with Deezer is that it’s not available in every country. Some people are unable to benefit from this amazing service because of their location or mobile carrier restrictions.

The good news is that there are ways around these limitations! One way to listen to Deezer on Android devices no matter where you live, without any data charges at all, is by downloading Freezer – the Deezer Downloader Android apk for Android!

Freezer Apk Pro Listen to albums and tracks from around the globe and your designated region and stream all the hits. One of the most adored music streaming apps online, Deezer has over 50 million songs in its catalog, making it your best music companion. Alternatively, you may download the Fezzer-Deezer APK from the Play Store, on that site you can find it, or you may download it directly from our website, on which you will get it absolutely free and easy. Today, download a piece of brilliant audio quality music! With the help of Freezer Apk 😉.

What Is Freezer Apk?

Freezer Apk Pro: You can listen to music from Deezer for free and download it to your computer so you can carry it with you wirelessly. Are you familiar with the popular music streaming service Deezer? Streaming music is possible anywhere and at any time with Deezer.

Are you familiar with the popular music streaming service Deezer? Streaming music is possible anywhere and at any time with Deezer. Listen to albums and tracks from around the globe and your designated region and stream all the hits. One of the most adored music streaming apps online, Deezer has over 50 million songs in its catalog, making it your best music companion.

Why Choose Freezer Apk?

You’ll find many amazing and amazing features in the freezer deezer downloader apk, including unique and graphically appealing features. As for Freezer APK, all its features are quite simple and easy to use, and by which you can have fun while Download Music From Dreezer, so you are in no trouble using Freezer APK. You will have to pay Some Money To get the Freezer with All Premium Features.

  • Freezer Apk Pro Allows you to Downlaod High Quality Music
  • Stream Uliimited Music WIthout Any Issue.
  • Import Spotify Playlist to Freezer
  • Freezer Supports 20+ Languages
  • And Much More..

With Freezer APK, You can stream as well as download high-quality music from Deezer from within the Deezer app on your Android device for free. Or if you would like to save money by not paying for premium features, you can use the free version of Deezer.


Freezer’s latest Android APK v 0.6.15 provides all the above features. Due to this, you need not change your Deezer membership from free to paid when using Freezer on Android. Freezer remains in BETA, however, so it might contain bugs or errors before you proceed with the installation. some other features that make this app stand out, in addition to watermark removal and premium editing tools!

Download HQ Music

The moment I enjoy a song, I make sure it’s downloaded onto my device to keep it safe. If it is exhilarating to my ears, I will store it on my device even if I do not listen to it as often as I should. With Freezer Apk you can download any song from Deezer for free and it will automatically be saved to your device so you can listen to them offline. The entire album is even available to download at once and includes each original track.

Quick Access

It is also possible to access the Quick Access section in the search menu and tap the ‘Flow’ button, which will automatically play some of the best tracks and make the playlist flawless. You can also find all the top charts from around the world here as well as access to shows and podcasts from all categories. For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what you need, browse the various categories.

Real-time Lyrics

There are lyrics available for every song in the app. You can read the lyrics to a song or sing along with them as you listen. There is a high level of accuracy and relevance for all the lyrics.

Popular Podcasts

Netflix is a Daily Joke, as well as the Joe Rogan Experience, are two of my favorite shows. In addition to these popular podcasts, Freezer includes others from around the world that make my experience complete.

Random Flow Music

In the end, we don’t know what we want or what we need to listen to anymore. The flow of our lives can sometimes become stagnant, we need something to keep us going. You can find the “Flow” feature in the search menu of Freezer Apk, which is configured to play song after song that seems random to you, but is chosen to maintain the flow. You get the chance to explore a variety of genres, time periods, generations, and cultures that will keep you entertained here.

You can choose from over 20+ genres within the Freezer music app , each providing a diverse array of musical cultures under the same set. Choose from a variety of artists categorized under your preferred genre and experience their creations that are sure to blow you away

Import Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a popular app. In addition, while the app has proven superb at providing good music content such as playlists, downloading the free content and including it in one’s phone’s library has proven challenging. Spotify is my favorite music service and I’m sure others do the same.

There is nothing better than a nostalgic playlist of songs that can put you in a good mood. You don’t have to worry about forgetting about your Spotify playlists with the Freezer APK since you can import them directly from the app. It also doesn’t require any login to Spotify.

More Features – Freezer Apk v0.6.15

Before you download Freezer Android v0.6.15 [Deezer Downloader & Streamer] APK, You can read a brief overview and features list below.
Lots of High-Quality Music Stuff available on Freezer.

  • Download the songs, albums, and playlists
  • You can download FLAC, MP3 320kbps and 128kbps
  • Play your favorite music!
  • The tracklists in Flow/Smart are broken and need to be fixed
  • Download music offline
  • Fixed a bug where some tracks couldn’t be downloaded/didn’t have tags
  • Use Without WaterMark on Freezer Apk Pro
  • Converted Last FM into an audio service, so it should run better in the background
  • Choose from presets or create your own timing curves for more fluid motion
  • Media fill with solid color, gradient, and gradient with media fill
  • Updater has been fixed
  • deezer Freezer app has no advertisements
  • Corrections and updates to the translation
  • The app works across several platforms: iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Download Freezer Apk for Android

Apk NameFreezer-[Deezer Downloader & Streamer]
Versionv0.6.15 [Latest Version]
Android Required4.1+
Last Updated1 Day Ago
Mod TypeFreezer Apk – Public Beta

ARL Token if you need: Click Here


Freezer Android v0.6.15

  • Fixed some download issues where tags were missing or failed before
  • This should work better on background now that LastFM has been moved into an audio service
  • The history of searches should playback correctly
  • Added Thai and Malay translations
  • Dangou has improved accessibility!
  • Updater fix
  • Updated translations and minor edits

Freezer PC v1.1.21:

  • Removed the gay shit (pride over)
  • Removing from queue
  • Audio re-sampler can be changed, for less preview lag on slower devices
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


How to Install Freezer Apk Pro Apk on Android?

It is really easy to install the Freezer Apk on Android, just follow these few steps given below in the graphic image, and Deezer Downloader MOD APK will be successfully installed on your device. The time has come for you to update your Android applications to realize your device’s full potential.

An easy-to-use and free mod, Freezer Music App Download APK unlocks key features in popular apps like Spotify.

You should toggle the option of Unknown Sources ON for Android before installing any third-party app. If you’re going to install an APK, please navigate to Settings > Security as we’ll be installing an APK. Here are the steps for installing the software.

Follow these few steps to install Freezer Apk Pro APK:

  • Download latest version of Freezer Apk from here []
  • fter download the apk file, just open it up
  • Now, if it asks to enable “unknown sources”, then go to setting -> security -> unknown sources
  • Then, just turn on “unknown sources”
  • That’s it Now click on “Install” button
  • Wait, till the installation is done
  • Now, Your Freezer Apk is successfully installed
  • Open the Freezer Apk !
  • Now, Hurry 😅

Download Freezer for Windows PC

There are a number of PC-based applications available in the Microsoft APP Store for all users. Unfortunately, Freezer for Windows isn’t available in the store. Freezer Deezer Windows Downloader & Streamer for PC is a similar app that can be installed directly on your computer, unlike many other similar apps that would require you to install an android emulator first. You can get the latest version of freezer PC Deezer app below, and handling it will be as simple as handling your smartphone.

Download Freezer for Linux

Millions of computer users around the world are increasingly turning to Linux because of its reliability. A powerful computer ecosystem, Android is even responsible for powering Android. The Freezer Deezer Linux application by Mozilla allows Linux users to stream and download good music through their desktop browser. I have provided you with a secure link to help you download the latest version of Freezer for Linux from a reliable and safe source.


Download Freezer Apk For Mac

Want to Use Freezer Apk Pro on Mac? Finally, We have officially introduced the Freezer app to Mac devices. Now, you can easily enjoy streaming and downloading tracks on your Macbooks and Apple computer devices.


Is it safe to use Freezer Apk Pro?

Yes, Freezer Apk Pro is a completely safe app to use on your device, Just simply download it from this website [ ] and enjoy all the Music Streaming for Free.

Does Freezer have ads??

No! the Freezer Apk Pro does not have ads.

How to get Freezer Apk Pro APK for Android?

There is a lot of simplicity in this. Because I have shared this software for free here, you won’t have to go elsewhere. Visit to get this awesome app. Feel free to tell your family and friends about your experience.

How come I have to re-login to Deezer each time I use Freezer?

We are aware of this problem. You will need to log in to Deezer repeatedly since the access token expires every 24 hours.

From where can I download it?

You can use freezer downloader app from this website [ ]. Also, you can bookmark this website on your browser to get the latest updates of [ Freezer– Deezer Downloader & Streamer]

What does the Play Protect warning mean when I install Freezer?

Play Protect Warnings are displayed due to the BETA status of the app. You can either disable Play Protect or click Install Anyway.

Can I listen to podcasts in Freezer?

As of now, Freezer is compatible with Radio from Deezer. Future updates may include Podcasts, according to the developer. It is still in the Beta stage.


User Reviews

This app is much better than I expected, I was tired of trying all other music streaming app, Freezer, or You can use Deezer MOD APK Premium for listening to songs or downloading them from the app.

Katrina Craft

Working well since last update. much better. Not sure what changed but it’s usable now. No more songs being paused randomly. Still a few bugs but I can definitely deal with them as long as the music doesn’t stop. Lol

Joseph Pledger

This is one of the best music apps I have used I absolutely love it there isn’t anything that you cannot hear the great variety and if the content one is searching for doesn’t show customer service covers all questions and has answers or walks you through to get it❣️ LOVE IT, THANKS

Amy Will


I think Freezer Apk Mod APK is the best Android application for Deezer Downloader & Streamer. With this app from Exttex, you can enjoy unlimited music and download it from Deezer. You can download the app today and enjoy the Freezer Apk by watching Above APK’s detailed installation instructions on Your Android, PC, and Mac.

We have covered everything you need to know about the new Freezer Android APK. Any questions you might have or problems you might encounter as you are installing or using the app, please let us know in the comment section below.

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